Monday, 9 November 2015

 This is Rob Bullock - he came to Alice, Violet and Mabel's school last summer and they LOVED his visit. They all came home desperate to write stories that he'd inspired. Here's what Rob has to say about himself...

Children's Author Robert Bullock (author of seven books including the best selling Jacob’s War) is currently working on books about the Romans and World War One. He visits schools, libraries and community groups up and down the country taking interactive author workshops with children from Early Years to Year 6. Workshops include drama & creative writing sessions for WW2, WW1, Roman Britain, Vikings, Titanic, Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction, Pirates & Dinosaurs!  The workshops encompass Literacy, History and Citizenship from the National Curriculum. Please see his website and blog at

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Vale Primary Academy

My first time ever at The Vale Primary Academy in Knottingley, and what a lovely visit it was! Best bit of the day- having my own, personalised car parking space! Well...not strictly the BEST bit of my day, but a very nice way to start!

I worked with Y4,5, and 6 today, and they were awesome. I was teaching them about performance poetry and they picked it up no problem at all. Not only that, but each class devised and created a brand new performance poem each.

Year 4's was one entitled 'My Pet Shark' and went from being almost eaten by a Shark, to it turning into our friendly pet!

Year 5 wanted to write about a Platypus (?!!!), and ended up with a whole host of verses all about different animals that had escaped from the zoo in London, and the chaos they had caused. Birds pooing on the Queen's dress and shoes was my favourite bit - especially the bum wiggle to signify a bird doing its business. Brilliant!

Year 6 created a poem about a guy called Dustbin Drake (or was he actually a dustbin? Who knows? Does it matter? Certainly doesn't!). I learned a new word - 'scarfing down' for 'scoffing down'. I also found out that a baby's nappy is full of 'Piccalilli poo' (think of the colour...!).

So thank you everyone for a fab day. And I'll see you all on Wednesday (Ks1 and Y3 that day) before the final performances on Friday morning.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015


She's landed! She's here! Get ready! Book number four is out!!!

If you want a copy, just email me at  If you want two, great. If you want 102, even better!

I'm reallay happy with this book - the cover is my favourite so far. Thanks to Lilian (my illustrator) and David (my designer, printer, organiser etc.etc.!).

My Gran is rocket powered
Her bottom sure is chronic
She flies so fast it's made the news
My Gran is Super - SONIC!


So...I've made it into Bradford's Telegraph and Argus newspaper. A really big spread, and some lovely photographs. But I'm not sure about the quality of the writing. I've been made to sound rather dense, and some of the sentences leave a little bit to be desired! But hey ho! Never mind!

What is rather bizarre is that it was in the September 1st edition...I actually went to Hill Top to do the day back in February!!!!!

Anyway, here's the link...


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Children's Book Awards Halifax Central Library

I spent an awesome day at Halifax Central Library yesterday - meeting some fantastic authors (Polly Ho-Yen, Gill Lewis and Nikki Sheehan) and lots of brill kids. We got to make up some fun poetry (rather disgusting some of it was too - the phrase of the day was the description some boys though up for Marmite - The Devil's Daily Spread!) and also listen to the authors talking about their writing, how they write, why they write, etc.

Here's one of the poems that was written by Ella and Isobella. Sorry, girls, I'm not sure which school you are from, but it was a great poem all the same...

Thanks to all the amazing staff at the library. And well done Polly for claiming the prize of best book (I knew you would - it really is a great book).

Monday, 22 June 2015

Brilliant Britannia!

This must be the quickest I've ever posted about a day at a school! I've literally just come in through my front door (after a LOT of traffic on the M62 - ugh), and sat down to write about my day at Britannia Bridge Primary School in Wigan. My first EVER Wigan school. I had a new accent to get used to - as did the children!

Words I noticed that are pronounced differently in Wigan as opposed to Wakefield (where I'm from...)

I say 'stairs'
Wigan children say 'sturs'
I say 'unawares'
Wigan children say 'unawurs'
I say 'book'
Wigan children say 'booooooooooook'

But that's all part of the rich tapestry of language that this country is made up of. I love travelling about and hearing different accents. And it's been a lovely day at Britannia (where, I'm glad to report, there is SOME West Yorkshire influence - Mr D, the head teacher, is orignally from Leeds!). I was privileged to work all day in the brand new library that school have sorted for the children - lots of lovely books on the shelves, punctuation themed seats (!), and a regular flow of giddy and enthusiastic children coming to visit me to listen to my poems and stories. They were brilliant (the children, that is - though I hope the poems and stories were ok too?!), and seemed to love spending some time in the new library.

We did lots of different things, from finding out about a naughty magpie, to shouting at the Wind, doing tongue twisters, learning and performing poems, and telling a rather spooky story (and boy, did Year 6 jump at that one!).

I was also EXTREMELY pleased to be given a brand new poem, based on one of my poems - The Biscuit Burglar - in my latest book of poems. Thank you so much Ellise - here is your poem for everyone to enjoy...

Sorry it's not the right way up, but I just cannot seem to get it to do what I want. Computers, eh?!!! You're better off sticking with books.

I also received a lovely thank you note from some children...

Which, for some reason, has come out the right way?!!!!!!

One more thing that was VERY exciting was that school decided to purchase one of my books for each child in school. So as I drove away at the end of the day, I could see Britannia Bridge children all over the place with their noses buried in one of my books - that was a great image and I hope that everyone enjoys reading my poems. 

So a big thank you to ALL the staff, ALL the children, and especially the two BRILLIANT librarians who have helped me to have a great day. I loved it!

Shall we do it all again sometime?!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Aston Primary

 I love my job. I like just about every school that I go to. But some schools I really, REALLY like. And Aston Primary School at the bottom end of Sheffield is definitely one that I really really like. It felt a little like my own primary school, home of my happiest school memories. Add to that a bunch of brilliant children, happy, friendly staff, and a staffroom full of home made scones with jam, and I knew pretty soon that I was going to have a fab two days there.

And I did. We did so many different things! We made up a new legend about the Dragon of Filey Brigg (who, apparently, loved eating Grannies - poor Grannies!), a story about a spider called Stampy who'd lost his webb, and many and varied poems from seaside creatures, to rockets, to quiet countrysides with grumpy teenagers, and World War 2 evacuees. Not to mention a story about a magpie stealing shiny things. It was just great and I came away after the assembly at the end of day two feeling that I'd been somewhere pretty special. 

One of my highlights was walking into Year 4 and seeing a poem written on the board that they'd just cooked up in a mere 10 minutes. Here it is...

Conrad Burger King
Will he teach us anything?
We love poems, we love rhymes
Listening to them, lots of times
But we’ve got questions
Stuff we’d like to know
Like what started your passion?
What makes the ideas flow?
Did you fall in love with poetry at school?
Who inspired you and made it cool?
Did your teacher pick her nose?
Or one worse…bite her toes?
Which is the favourite poem of yours?
Did you have a teacher locked in loo doors?
Did you see a hand,
Moving in the sand?
Did your teachers have a bogey fight?
If our teachers did, it would give us a fright!
Have you got a sister?
And is she a blister?
Do you think you’ll ever stop
Writing poetry…or will your brain pop?!
With all the ideas spilling out of your head?
Best keep writing your books instead!

Did I teach them anything? Well, I hope that I taught them that poetry and stories are fun, that they are not too difficult to create, and that in the creating there is a great deal of joy. I think I might also have taught the staff not to put fresh food in front of me if they want to have any themselves!

As a thank you to the children in Y4, I wrote them the following poem...

Beware the Grumpy Teenager

Beware the grumpy teenager
In the countryside
Quickly go and run away
Quickly go and hide

Beware the grumpy teenager
With the mardy face
Moaning, groaning
Staring into space

Beware the grumpy teenager
Wishing for his phone
Can you hear him grumbling?
Can you hear him groan?

Beware the grumpy teenager
Asking for the loo
Beware the grumpy teenager - 

I was also incredibly impressed with the displays around school and the level of handwriting. These children write calligraphy style - it's the first and only time I've ever seen this at a school and the effects are stunning. The artwork is unbelievably good - the whole place is just a joy to be in. 

Here's hoping I can come back sometime for some more poetry / storytelling / writing fun. 

Thank you everyone at Aston, you made me feel extremely welcome.